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    Raw Gaia MSM Beauty Cream 50ml

    35,90  30,52 

    A magical cream that helps to achieve a smooth, radiant complexion. The MSM Beauty Cream is especially suitable for mature skin, problem skin and damaged tissue. Their high content of MSM, the “beauty mineral”, promotes scar healing and gives radiant and soft skin.

  • CauCawa Kakaobutter Roh Bio

    CauCawa Raw Organic Cocoa Butter 150g

  • -10% najel fluessigseife

    Najel Aleppo liquid soap 20% 500ml

    8,90  8,01 

    This Aleppo liquid soap has been fortified with 20% organic laurel-berry oil with a calming effect. It cleanses your skin without attacking it and relieves small irritations at the same time. For the daily care of hands, face, body and hair.

  • Natur Zeolith Pulver 250g

    Zeolite powder 250g

    16,50 16,95 

    Controlled premium quality


    Zeolite, a natural mineral of volcanic origin, has a strong absorption effect on toxins. Due to its crystalline structure, which gives it ion exchange ability, pollutants can be bound and transported away.

  • Aktivkohle Pulver

    Activated charcoal powder 80g premium quality

    7,90 8,90 

    Premium pharmaceutical grade, high purity

    Activated Carbon Powder in selected premium quality – order now online at Dancing Shiva, your specialist retailer for holistic nutrition.

  • Moss & Fern Argan Oil 100ml Organic


    Natural argan oil for face, body and hair | cold pressed & all natural

    The precious argan oil from the seeds of the argan tree is traditionally used by Berbers in Morocco, who win it by laborious handwork.
    The nutty-aromatic fragrant oil is one of the very strong anti-aging oils because of its pronounced antioxidant effect and is particularly suitable for dry, mature skin. Its high content of vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and maintains the elasticity of the skin and hair. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a valuable care product for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and allergic skin diseases.
    Argan oil has a regenerating effect on scarred tissue and sun-damaged skin, prevents wrinkles and hair breakage and has a tissue-firming effect.

  • Moss & Fern Jojoba Oil 100ml


    Natural jojoba oil for face, body and hair | cold pressed & all natural

    Jojoba oil is one of the best base oils for all skin types – especially on oily skin, as it absorbs well and does not feel oily. In addition, it suggests that oily skin already has enough fat so that it learns to regulate the excess production of the sebaceous glands again.
    At the same time it protects dry skin, regulates the moisture balance, prevents wrinkles and strengthens the connective tissue.
    Also scaly and oily scalp can benefit from this care oil. It has an anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the healing process for all types of skin diseases and sunburn.