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Cordyceps sinensis | Tibetan caterpillar fungus

Cordyceps, also known as caterpillar fungus, is one of the most important medicinal mushrooms of the Chinese and Tibetan tradition. He is considered one of the strongest tonic ever. This extract powder is 10 times concentrated and standardized to 10% Cordycepin.


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This product is also available in a glass jar.

Cordyceps sinensis | Tibetan caterpillar fungus

Cordyceps, also known as caterpillar fungus, is one of the most important medicinal mushrooms of the Chinese and Tibetan tradition. He is considered one of the strongest tonic ever. The wild Cordyceps living in the mountains of Tibet needs a caterpillar as host to survive on their own. Our Cordyceps mushroom does not come from wild collection, but is grown on rice substrate and is therefore vegan.

For athletic excellence and a strong immune system
For thousands of years, Cordyceps has been one of the most revered medicinal and medicinal mushrooms in Taoist Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In ancient times, the purchase of this caterpillar-eating fungus, which thrives directly under the Himalayan glaciers, was punishable by death and reserved only for the ruler and his family.

Cordyceps is a potent and fascinating tonic and enjoys a high status in Chinese medicine, next to ginseng and reishi. In TCM, it is defined as “yang jing,” meaning it strengthens the kidney organ system, improving our drive, endurance, and confidence.
It is considered to be one of the most effective immunomodulatory and life-prolonging substances on this planet. Its highly rejuvenating and Jing (“life essence”) -forming properties make Cordyceps a rare and precious superherb and an excellent supplement to any nutritional principle.

Similar to Reishi, Cordyceps supports our body in the fight against a wide range of viruses, pathogens, fungi and nanobacteria. The polysaccharides contained in Cordyceps strengthen and modulate the immune system, thereby slowing down aging processes and helping us achieve extraordinary levels of radiant health and well-being.
Other important ingredients are Cordycepin (highly antibacterial), Ophicordin, galactomannan, L-tryptophan (antidepressant) and nucleosides.

Especially in sports circles Cordyceps enjoys high reputation, as it improves the overall performance without steroid substances. In 1993, Cordyceps first received public attention by the Chinese Olympic team, whose coach explained the record breaking performance with the use of Cordyceps. No wonder, Cordyceps regularly increases the ATP (cellular energy supply) by up to 55% with faster regeneration of energy.

Cordyceps is also famous for its potentiating potency and fertility, especially the more masculine, dynamic and daring qualities.
It is also a powerful lung tonic that not only helps us breathe better and deeper, but also absorbs the absorbed oxygen better.

Like ginseng, Cordyceps is an adaptogenic substance that helps the body cope with all kinds of stress reactions – be it physical or mental stress – and find a natural balance. Especially its positive effect in nervousness, anxiety and tension by strengthening the kidneys and adrenals is highlighted.

All attributes at a glance:

  • Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging
  • Recovering and Providing the Body’s Energy – Adaptogenic Effect
  • Relieving stress, anxiety and tension
  • strengthening the lungs
  • Enhancing sexual functions and appetite
  • Improving Stamina and Stamina
  • Increase Brain Performance
  • Accelerate healing processes, detoxification and immune functions
  • Faster recovery after physical and mental effort
  • Strengthening the “jing” energy according to TCM and thus the kidneys, adrenals, hearing, sight, lower back, knees and ankles.

Until a few years ago Cordyceps could only be obtained by collecting wild animals in the plateaus of Tibet and the Himalayas; it was not possible to cultivate Cordyceps. The wild form of Cordyceps was so rare and expensive that until now it was only accessible to the nobility. In fact, wild-growing Cordyceps is probably the most expensive herb in the world.
The fungus thrives in its natural environment in an admittedly unconventional way, by attacking a certain type of caterpillar. He then forces the caterpillar to retreat below the earth, eating it completely, and all that remains is a caterpillar-shaped mushroom that pokes its head out of the ground and hunts for more caterpillars.
In the last 20 years, however, Asian scientists have finally succeeded in growing the Cordyceps fungus on rice substrate under laboratory conditions. So do not worry: The commercial, grown Cordyceps grows under controlled conditions, is vegan and no caterpillar had to give her life!

Cordyceps is an incredible vitality mushroom for more energy, stamina, potency, immune strength and general performance and can especially support athletes and active people in every situation!

Product forms:
Cordyceps is available either as a gently dried mushroom powder (loose or in capsules) or as a highly concentrated extract powder.
For the mushroom powder, the entire fruiting body is gently dried at below 42 ° C (raw food quality) and contains all components of the fungus.

The Extract Powder is made by hot water extraction from highly active CS-4 And standardized to an active ingredient content of 10% Cordycepin. The extraction ratio is 10: 1 (from 10 kg of mushroom powder, 1 kg of extract powder is obtained).
The focus of the extract powder is due to the high content of cordycepine especially on the antibacterial and immune system strengthening effect. Also, the effect can be described as faster and more intensely perceptible.

Recommended dosage:
Take 1 level teaspoon (1 g) a day in smoothies, cocoa, tea, juice, cereals, etc.

Ingredients : 100% Cordyceps Extract Powder, 10 times concentrated, standardized to 10% Cordycepin. Without fillers, gluten free, lactose free, vegan.

Content per dosage:
Cordyceps Extract 1 g (-%)
of which Cordycepin 100 mg (-%)
* Nutrient reference value not evaluated according to EU regulation.

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The stated amount of consumption must not be exceeded. Keep cool, dry and out of the reach of children!

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