Homemade Curry Cashews 150g

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• With curry spices – crunchy, spicy and delicious!
• With cashew nuts in raw food quality
• Raw dried below 42 ° C
• Free from refined salt, flavor enhancers, gluten and lactose.
• Homemade in our superfood kitchen


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Homemade Curry Cashews 150g

Finally nibble healthy – no problem with our homemade curry cashews! For our curry cashews, raw-fruit cashews are refined with a spicy marinade of curry spices and gently dried at 42 ° C. Homemade in our superfood kitchen. Free from refined sugars, gluten, lactose and additives. Crunchy, spicy and delicious!

Cashews, olive oil, maple syrup, cumin, coriander, turmeric, mustard seeds, sage, fenugreek, paprika, fennel, rosemary, bay leaf, ginger, thyme, sea salt, Himalayan crystal salt.

100% Natural // 0% Crap
Raw food quality, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, homemade.

Keep cool and dry.

Content: 150g

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