Homemade Superfood Pralinen 3piece-Set


Our homemade Superfood chocolates in a set of 3 – full of love balls, power ball and energy bomb.
Homemade in our superfood kitchen. Sweetened only with dried fruit.


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Homemade Superfood Pralines Set of 3

Set of 3 homemade Superfood chocolates – full of love balls, power balls and energy bombs.
Homemade in our superfood kitchen. Sweetened only with dried fruit.

POWER BALL (brown):
With cacao, hemp, maca, goji berries, chaga, stinging nettle & amp; Cola nut and cinnamon nougat flavor. Improves the mood, gives strength and new energy. For a vibrant heart and a radiant smile.
Ingredients : dates, figs, raisins, activated whale, hazelnuts & amp; Almonds , Cocoa Powder, Cranberries, Peeled Hemp Seeds, Cashews, Cocoa Nibs, Maca Extract, Goji Berries, Nettle Seeds, Chaga Extract, Cola Nut, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Tonka, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Himalayan Salt.

ENERGY BOMB (white):
With cacao, hemp, maca, goji berries, cordyceps, guarana & amp; Cola nut and orange-ginger flavor. Increases the performance, concentration and endurance. If it is exhausting or will take longer …
Ingredients : dates, raisins, activated walnuts & Almonds , figs, cocoa powder, cranberries, peeled hemp seeds, cocoa nibs, maca extract, guarana, goji berries, cordyceps extract, cola nut, ginger, cayenne, himalayan salt, orange oil, vanilla.

LOVEBALL (pink):
With cacao, hemp, maca, goji berries, cordyceps, guarana, cistance & amp; Schisandra and rose-cardamom flavor. Increases awareness, prepares you for intense, lustful adventures. Can be shared, enough for two 😉
Ingredients : dates, figs, cashews , raisins, cocoa powder, activated almonds , cranberries, peeled cannabis seeds, goji, cacao nibs, maca extract, cordyceps Extract, Guarana, Cistanche extract, Schisandra extract, cardamom, rose geranium oil, vanilla, Himalayan salt.

100% natural // 0% crap
Raw food quality, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, homemade.

Store cool and dry.

Content: 3x30g

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