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Kraft- & Liebeswurzel aus den Anden

The robust Maca root from the Peruvian Andes was already known to the Inca and is one of the most important adaptogens. Enjoy their banana-caramel flavor and their grounding energy every day! *

The maca root has been grown in the Peruvian Andes of South America at 2700 to 4300 meters above sea level for about 2600 years, making Maca the highest crop in the world. Maca thrives not only above the tree line, but even beyond the grass border in barren, inhospitable areas with high solar radiation and daytime temperature fluctuations of up to 28 ° C (!). These extreme growth conditions give Maca its adaptogenic and restorative properties. Maca was so much revered by both the Incas and the Spaniards that it was used as a currency and for tribute payments during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire.
Maca’s reputation as a powerful rejuvenator and libido-enhancing superfood goes way back in human history. Maca has been used medicinally for centuries as a fertility drug for humans and animals. According to legend, the warriors of the Inca Maca consumed to prepare for battles and make them grim and strong. Once a city was taken, the warriors were again prohibited from eating maca to protect the local women from the excessive sexual desire of men.

1-3 teas a day refine smoothies, desserts, stews or your cocoa elixir. Please note: maca is quite difficult to digest in its raw form. It is therefore recommended to use them as hot as possible or, for cold dishes, to prepare with the more digestible Maca 6:1 powder .

Ingredients : 100% organically grown yellow Maca powder * / Peru.
Raw food quality, gluten-free. (* Control code AT-BIO-401)

Average nutritional value per 100g:
Energy 1526 kJ / 361 kcal
Fat 3.6 g
of it ges. Fatty acids 0g
Carbohydrates 64 g
of which sugar is 32 g
Protein 14 g
Salt 0.05 g
Iron (NRV 106% *) 15 mg
* Nutrient reference value according to EU regulation

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The stated amount of consumption must not be exceeded. Keep cool, dry and out of the reach of children!

* Legal Disclaimer:
Due to the current food labeling law, we are unfortunately not allowed to make specific statements on the effect and possible health benefits of this product. Although this product has been traditionally used for a long time, we must not share our knowledge with you, sorry we are.
However, as a mature consumer, you have the option of independently researching this product in books and the internet. See links for a list of selected informational pages and textbooks. Thank you very much for your understanding!

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