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Singing Circles

Mo, 7. März, 20 Uhr, 1. Stock
Singing Circle *Opening of the Heart*

Coming together again…

To listen to the soft whispers of our hearts, and to the wisdom of our higher selves…
To be moved by the magic and mystery of chanting mantras…
To release, to recharge… and to feel the deep gratitude for life itself

Looking forward to go on this journey together, once more.

With this circle I want to offer a place for people to share their voice, overcome their fears of singing, and tune into the warm vibrations of the heart.
A safe space is created to explore the voice, whether you’re an experienced singer or never sing, it’s just impossible to not open up your voice when all present are singing from the heart. And this is where the healing happens and the magic is felt … when all voices come together, raise as one; when all hearts open and each person present tunes into the sacred flow of sound healing vibration.

veerle greenEnergy Exchange : 10€
I would like to ask you for your support on my musical path. It will allow me to spend more time exploring my path as a singer, and to keep sharing these discoveries in return.
At the same time I want the circle to be accessible to everyone so if this is not possible please contact me and I’m happy to find a solution

In gratitude



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