SF_WSS_WarumSuperfoods_1The term „Superfoods“ was coined by the American raw food and nutrition specialist David Wolfe and refers to foods which, due to their exceptional nutrient spectrum and their partly medically active ingredients, can not be designated exclusively as food or as a cure. Superfoods contain elements of both, they are food and remedy at the same time.

Superfoods do not come from the laboratory and are not highly cultivated hybrids, but full-fledged, original foods with highly concentrated nutrients – which is why they could also be called „natural food supplements“.

Superfoods differ from the following peculiarities of all the other foods on this planet:

• You can contain 30 or more highly concentrated nutrients in optimal proportions – not just two or three.

• They contain a particularly balanced nutrient spectrum, which is why they are also referred to as „complete“ foods – for example, one could only live with hemps or spirulina for a while without showing any significant nutrient deficiencies.

• Almost every one of the Superfoods is a superlative in itself and has maximum levels of specific nutrients. For example, raw cocoa is the world’s best source of magnesium, Camu Camu is the fruit with the highest known vitamin C content, Gojibeere is the only known food that stimulates the body’s production of growth hormones and spirulina with 60-70% protein content the world’s best source For high-quality, fully digestible protein.

• Superfoods have an extremely high life energy, vibration, vitality and resistance, which is why they do not have to be treated with fertilizers or artificial fertilizers during cultivation. Many of them come from wild game and already achieve top performance before the harvest, such as the Macawurzel, which grows in Peru up to 4500m – a height on which not even more grass can grow. This enormous resistance, adaptability and vitality is also transmitted to humans and strengthens its body systems sustainably and holistically.

Why Superfoods?

„Almost everyone who has grown up with the modern American or European diet has been eating low-carbon food, pesticide-sprayed fruit and vegetables, antibiotics-treated meat, hormone-modified dairy products, refined sugar, refined flour, and refined salt throughout his life ,
In some cases, the toxins in the diet are so overwhelming that a metabolic syndrome is triggered – the „syndrome X“. Syndrome X denotes the inability to lose weight, accompanied by a malfunctioned immune system and low energy levels. The consumption of raw and living food, superfoods and superherbs can free the affected person from the grip of the syndrome X and help to lose excess weight and restore an ideal health condition. “
                                                                                      – David Wolfe, „Superfoods – The Food and Medicine of the Future“

SF_WSS_WassindSuperfoods_3We are bombarded with environmental pollutants in the air, water, clothing and food. In times of superlatives, where pollution has never reached the limit and the modern man has to deal with overburdening, time deficit, multitasking and stress like never before, we also need a superlative diet – with as much nutrients as we can get Stresses with force, energy and vitality can be countered.

Instead of resorting to artificial, laboratory-made food supplements, more and more people realize that it is more sensible to improve the way of life and to access original, living food and superfoods. In their countries of origin, superfoods have a long tradition as a food and medicine and have therefore proved themselves over centuries or even millennia.

Superfoods have been shown to improve the severity and symptoms of almost all known diseases including: allergies, arthritis, asthma, artherosclerosis, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes type 1 and 2, eczema, Heart disease, herpes (I, II, Epstein-Barr), HIV infections, hypoglycemia, immune deficiency, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, insomnia.

Kirlian-Fotografie einer KakaobohneSuperfoods have the ability to increase the vitality and energy of our body tremendously.
They are the optimal choice to improve overall health, strengthen the immune system, to increase serotonin production and sexual functions, to cleanse the body and to harmonize the acid-base balance.

Superfoods meet all our requirements for proteins, vitamins, minerals, glyco-Nutrients, essential fatty acids and anything else –  the ultimate fuel for modern superheroes and heroines!


Added value and less mass

As superfoods are natural, they offer a synergistic abundance of nutrients in their natural state that work together in our body in a way that science has not yet understood until today. It is not even ready to isolate and name all the plant nutrients.

As the nutrient density in conventional (and to a certain extent even in biological) food becomes ever lower, our body is permanently in the search for energy (nutrients). Most of us have had experience eating all day just to maintain the blood glucose level and still have little energy and vitality. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts and other healthy herbal foods are a very important part of our diet, but they are no comparison to the abundance of nutrients of Superfoods. You could say, superfoods have a better price / performance ratio than our usual food.

Enjoy and discover instead of starving and renouncing

SF_WSS_Geniessenundentdecken_1_C_WildernessPoetsIt is in the nature of man that we do not like when we are denied things. As soon as you say „no“ to a child, it will immediately find a way to make it a „yes“. They do what they want, as long as they get away with it. This habit never changes. As adults we do exactly the same thing. To combat this peculiarity of human nature is just as much as to prevent the sun from rising or falling.

Instead, we should try to come into harmony with our true being. What does that mean? How about it: Instead of taking people away from their food, add new food. To make people want new tastes, textures, colors and combinations.
Is it possible that the „good“ food is so good and we feel so good that we do not want any more „natural“ food? In our experience the answer is YES.

In this way, the transformation of eating habits is accomplished without difficulty. Everything happens decently. This is the essence of the diet with superfoods. We put our focus on all the great, tasty, super-healthy foods that are there for us to discover and gradually forget the less healthy foods we could not live without.

When you leave Superfoods in your body, your energy changes and the focus of your attention. It is likely that you are rethinking your values or what you think is important. You like to see the world with more energy behind your eyes. With this thrust, it becomes easier to live in a state of gratitude. Over time, you may experience the world more exciting than ever before, because you feel more often than ever before.

SF_WSS_Geniessenundentdecken_4Each of the Superfoods can be incorporated into any diet at any time. Just find the ones you like and start devouring them.
As a reminder, Superfoods are not food supplements or medicines, but
Which are consumed daily and abundantly in their countries of origin. An overdose is therefore difficult to manage – and even if you get too much of something, your body will react just as if you eat too many apples or bananas.

Superfoods can and should be consumed in raw and biological form. Decades of research have shown that living, organic, and raw food provides better levels of vitamins, enzymes, coenzymes, proteins, minerals, glyconic nutrients and many other elements.
Even chimpanzees in zoos prefer raw, organic food as opposed to conventionally processed food. Uperfoods are packed with enzymes to the limits of the potential. In most cases, this is the most enzyme-rich food of nature. So it would be a pity to destroy all the wonderful enzymes, vitamins, proteins and other treasures in the Superfoods by cooking.

Get the mixer out and start creating completely new styles of shakes and smoothies with superfoods. Make superfood sweets and superfood desserts. Think superfood dressings. Design Superfood nibbler blends.
You will see how easy and enjoyable it is to have the best day of your life every day!

Texts compiled from David Wolfe, „Superfoods – The Food and Medicine of the Future“ , available here.


Disclaimer: The information on this page does not constitute a remedy. The products are not suitable for treating or curing diseases. They are only for nutrition and skin care. They do not in any way constitute a substitute for medical treatment. The diagnosis and treatment of diseases and other physical disorders requires treatment by doctors and naturopaths.